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Sergio Vettore graduated in classical guitar at the Conservatory of Salerno.
He attended refresher courses under the guidance of m. Mario Gangi.
He has published: “5 studies for guitar only; 5 studies for 2 guitars”;
He made a transcription of Schubert’s “Ave Maria” for flute and guitar “for c.e. “G.B. sound ”of Alexandria.
He has held various guitar concerts only in Italy and abroad. In 1996, in the section dedicated to the guitar, he won the “A.m.l.e.” competition. City of Monopoli (BA). He has obtained several placings in other important national competitions.
1) “Like a flight of seagulls”;
2) “Prisoner of a dream” containing vocal and instrumental pieces of his own composition in Italian for the “G.B.suono” of Alessandria;
3) “Serenade of Pullecenella”
4) “Torna a Surriento” containing vocal and instrumental pieces in the Neapolitan language for the Eterphone in Naples.
One of his songs, “Stella”, was broadcast on the Rai Radio Uno “Demo” broadcast.
Since 1984 he has worked as a singing guitarist in Italy and abroad.
Qualified to teach in elementary school from the school year 2002/2003 with a permanent contract, he teaches at Ist. Compr. “Don Cesare Scala” of Peri di Dolcè (VR) where the Headmaster has entrusted him with the teaching of singing and music theory.
He taught and teaches classical guitar privately and at structures such as the Brentino Belluno Civic School of Music (VR).
In 2015 he graduated in Law – master’s degree – at the telematic university ecampus.
He worked and works at the Officers Club of Verona as a singing guitarist.
He recently published a manual called “My first beginner method guitar”.
Latest publications, two guitar instrumental album entitled “Guitarra Nova” and “Mare”, both present on spotify.